Supported Games

We support any kind of game that has valid gameserver files available. Also mods and mappacks are pre-installed available in the serverpanel.
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Supported VOIP

We support voice servers with all codecs available, They can be installed with or without gameservice in the same serverpanel.
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Hard & Soft

No need to buy expensive hardware or a lot of software licenses. We take care of all technical things.
No financial worries.
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Welcome on our website. Start your GameHosting offers you with this unique system, the possibliities to run your own gamehosting business without high financial investments. We provide all hardware and software licensies so you can focus yourself on more important taks for your company.
More info can be found on our other webpages in the menu. If you have any other question about this concept, please don't hesitate to contact us.

General info

Your gameservers and voiceservers will be pampered with the latest top hardware. Distributed at different locations worldwide and placed in quality datacenters, with strong international connections that ensures the stable network. Our years of experience and expertise offers you many benefits. Excellent personal support, usefull extra's and tools for managing your server. We offer great prices so that it's possible for each customer to run your own gamehosting business.

Company Info

Start your GameHosting is a professional hosting provider that offers high quality supported gameservers and voiceservers. Start your GameHosting is working teasingly to provide this services at high quality standards. Not only in the products we offer but in the support we provide to each and every customer.

Onze missie

Start your GameHosting was established to host the best hosting services on the internet, As enterpreneur we understand how much it can cost to start your own gamehosting! And we understand your needs for your company to become the best out there! So we have decided to do something about it! We have set out to provide the best quality servers for the cheapest price! We are a Belgium Based company with huge network locations all over the world. For example United Kingdom, The United States, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany,... . 

We all know there's no point having all the top spec equipment and one of the top networks without a decent support team, so we have lots of different methods of contacting us for support like live chat, tickets, email, msn, xfire, steam, .... For more info on how to contact us please visit the Contact Us page or login into the Customer Portal.